7 Things Your Vancouver Boudoir Photographer Wants You to Know

You have questions and we get it, so we thought we would give you the top 7 things your Vancouver Boudoir Photographer wants you to know!

1. You Don’t Need to Lose Weight to Book

A lot of women want to lose those last few pounds before a boudoir shoot. But what you don’t realize, is that you’re perfect. Find lingerie that enhances your figure and leave your inhibitions at our front door. We just want to spend time with you and photograph your beauty.

2. We Do Not Judge How You Look

We are all women. We are more like doctors and nurses when it comes to women’s bodies, nothing phases us. We instead watch how you move and carry yourself and figure out what poses will be best for you.

vancouver boudoir lady in pink laying down

3. You’ll Be Nervous

Everyone is nervous with boudoir shoots, unless you’re a professional model. That’s why we don’t rush into any photo shoot. We spend time with you during your hair and make up and ask questions. We set the mood with music and we take a look at your outfits and find out more about the “why” you came in to be photographed. By the end, we promise you will be relaxed and smiling and empowered.

4. Certain Poses May Be Uncomfortable

The saying goes, the more uncomfortable it feels the better it looks on camera. It’s true, we’ll ask you to “pop your booty” or “hold that stretch” and you’ll feel it. It’s core work that you probably weren’t expecting, but we always take breaks.

black and white girl posing for vancouver boudoir

5. Tell Us What You Are SelfConsciousness About

It’s ok, we all have those things we are self-conscious about and we ask that you be open about it. We will choose certain poses over others that minimize the areas you are concerned with the most.

6. Photoshop is Used for Enhancement Not Alteration

We do use Photoshop but mostly for enhancing. If there is a scar or a tattoo that you would like to have removed, by all mean let’s talk about it. But for the most part, we just do some smoothing and color correction.

7. Vancouver Boudoir Photography is an Investment, and You’re So Worth it. 

This is the most important point we can make. This is an investment and you are worth it. If you bought a grande Starbucks everyday for one year, you would have bought yourself not only a Lux photo session, but digital files and a photo book and wall decor that last forever. What do you have to show for your Starbucks investment? Nothing.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us, we are more than happy to help. Are you ready to book? We are ready for you, click HERE to book your session.

Makeup and Hair by Lindsay MacLean Makeup

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