Fierce Friday: Be courageously feminine

Hello Lux lovelies!

This morning I came across a fantastic quote by one of my favourite musicians:

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens” –Jimi Hendrix.

I pondered this for some time and couldn’t help but completely agree with it in every way. Boudoir photography is an art which requires us to listen. When you’re being photographed, you’re listening to your body. That inner voice that says you’re sexy, gets louder and louder the more comfortable you feel. Though you are having physical photographs taken that you can then cherish forever, boudoir is also felt internally. When you see those photos, or even just reminisce on the experience and how it made you feel, something very unique occurs. You were brave and courageous! You did something out of your comfort zone and normal day routine! That is SO SPECIAL! You are now a wiser and more confident woman.

I believe that if an experience doesn’t make you better or wiser, and doesn’t make you happy then whats the point? Life is too short to be mundane. Be better than that. Do something that makes you uncomfortable and you’ll be a better and wiser person for it in the end. Be courageously feminine and see what happens.

xo Kyleigh at Lux

LuxPortraiture-boudoir luxportraits.ca-15


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