Boudoir behind the scenes

Whenever we tag #joblove in our Lux social media, we actually mean it and believe that this is a dream job. Running a boudoir photography studio is a lot of fun and getting to meet interesting women who want to challenge themselves all the time is empowering for us, as well as our clients.

Every client is different and has their own style and taste. Boudoir photography isn’t simply showing someone a sexy pose and having them replicate it. We coach and motivate our clients. We show them their sexy side, and teach them that stretch marks and love handles have nothing to do with sex appeal. A woman is her own worst critic, and we know first hand how hard ladies are on themselves. We strive to overcome that negative veil women have over their appearance. Every shot is contemplated and every angle considered. As a photographer we always want to highlight our subjects natural assets, and with women that is easy because the feminine form is beautiful.

We can’t wait to book a shoot with you to discover your style and highlight that classy sexy kitten you show to so few! Click here to book a shoot today or contact us for more information!

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Fierce Friday Feature: Miss B

Hello Lovelies,

This week we’d like to introduce the beautiful Miss B! She had a fantastic experience at Lux and walked away feeling great with an album of her favourite images. Here’s a sneak peak and what she said about the Lux expereince:

“I had such a wonderful time working with Kari. Her genuinely warm personality combined with her artistic talent and passion for her work made the entire experience unforgettable. She is a phenomenal photographer!”
Lux Portraits_347Lux Portraits_348Lux Portraits_349

Whats stopping you from doing a boudoir session with Lux? Contact us or book today!

Wednesday Wisdom: Trust the photographer!

Boudoir photography is very much about challenging the perception you have of yourself. So many clients say they can’t believe they’re doing a sexy photo shoot with a stranger in front of a camera. It’s incredibly courageous to slip out of your clothes and then have your photograph taken by a someone  you just met. That’s all part of the magic of boudoir! You relinquish all your control to someone else who you must trust.

Here are 3 reasons why you should trust your boudoir photographer:

1. We are professionals. Photographers have carefully chosen this industry for various reasons and obviously have talent to back it up, otherwise you would have never heard of us. This is a career choice and it’s extremely competitive, so trust that we know what we are doing.

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2. We highlight assets. We have experience photographing EVERY body type and size and we understand that every woman has insecurities about their body. We know all the angles and tricks to focus in on your most beautiful features and it’s our goal to make you look like a million bucks!

Miss M Lux portraiture vancouver-5

3. We are creative. Photography is a creative art and the client is the canvas. Trust that we have the eye for detail and beauty that you need to make this boudoir experience unique and memorable. You will be left with beautiful artwork of which you are the subject, and that is hard to put a price on.

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Why boudoir makes the best wedding gift!

Boudoir is not exclusively for brides, but we do see a lot of brides coming for a session before their big day, and it’s not a coincidence. Bridal boudoir has been popular for decades, and here are 5 reasons why you should do a shoot:

1. It’s a major confidence boost! On your big day you are going to be the center of attention for HOURS. You will probably never have so many people watching you. Boudoir is a great way to warm up for the cameras that you’ll be exposed to on your wedding day, so your nerves are at ease and you can just enjoy.

Lux Portraits bridal_340

2. It’s an amazing surprise for the groom! Most couples spend an exhausting amount of time planning the details of their wedding, leaving little to the imagination on the big day. Surprising your man with an album of gorgeous, timeless photographs of his beautiful bride is a great secret to keep from him and he will be so happy you did!

Lux Portraits bridal_342

3. It’s a gift for both of you! Not only will he be blown away that you put so much consideration into his gift, but you will also get to enjoy the artwork for the rest of your lives. Boudoir will capture you in your last moments as a single beauty, before you were swept off your feet by the love of your life.

Lux Portraits bridal_343

4. It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone! You and your husband to be will have many photographs taken, tons of keepsakes and gifts from your wedding. A boudoir album is something special for just the two of you. You don’t have to share it with your entire family and friends. You can look back at that moment in time 15 years+ down the road and smile!

Lux Portraits bridal_344

5. You get to be pampered and feel empowered! The day of your shoot you get to relax and be pampered by the professionals. You’ll be coached into stunning poses that make you look like a model and feel sexy as hell. Take some time to buy some new lingerie for the shoot, then wear it the night of the wedding and see how excited your man gets! It will be incredibly empowering!

If you have a wedding coming up this year feel free to contact us about a bridal boudoir session! Or click here to book your shoot now! Head to our gallery to see more bridal boudoir!

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Sexy Saturday – Why you should do something courageous!

Hello lovelies,

I get to meet a lot of women doing boudoir photography and one of the first questions I will ask is “Are you excited for your shoot?”. Nine out of ten responses is something along the lines of “Yes… but soooo nervous!”

I have actually come to expect this answer and I usually give them a big smile and say that it’s normal to feel that way. Such an honest response makes me feel so excited for our clients because even though they are INCREDIBLY out of their comfort zone, they still show up. I love that!!

It’s so empowering to do something courageous, like boudoir. It keeps life from getting stale and mundane. By doing something courageous, you’re challenging the idea you have of yourself and then growing as a person because you elevated the bar. You’re a different person from yourself five years ago because of your EXPERIENCES, not your hair colour or your wardrobe.

Imagine you’re writing a book about your life. Would anyone want to read this novel?

I think the answer will be “damn right they would!” if you continue to challenge yourself and break out of those boring and easy comfort zones. You only get one life so you better fill up that novel with adventures, little or big. Don’t let it get stale.

Miss N_321

Fierce Friday Boudoir Feature- Miss K

Hello Lovelies,

Can we just say that we love redheads, especially our feature babe! Miss K absolutely rocked her shoot and walked away with her own custom album of her favourite shots that we couldn’t wait to share with you! She has those piercing blue/green eyes that stare right into your soul and a youthful playfulness. The best part about this is that her loving husband actually bought the boudoir session for her as a gift! We’re seeing more of this lately and must say to all the men that do this: NICE JOB! It makes such a great gift for a woman which in turn, is also a gift back to her partner. It is incredibly empowering and sexy to do a boudoir session, but knowing that your lover is just as excited feels amazing!

Introducing, Miss K! Here’s a few of our favourite photographs of this incredible woman and mother of two!

Miss K Lux Portraits_335Miss K Lux Portraits_338Miss K Lux Portraits_336Miss K Lux Portraits_339Miss K Lux Portraits_337

Does the thought of doing a boudoir shoot make you uncomfortable? That’s NORMAL! It’s our job (and pleasure) to help you feel comfortable and beautiful. Contact us if you have any questions because we love to talk about boudoir!

Book a shoot today and get out of that comfort zone you’re living in! Be fierce! Be courageously feminine!!

xo The Lux Ladies


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