How to love the skin you’re in so that your images are amazing

Behind the scenes with Ruby Roxx

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ruby Roxx and I am a curvy model, influencer, writer, and advocate for body positivity and mental health.  I have been a model now for almost 15 years, and love any excuse to wear beautiful lingerie, feel sensual and sexy and shoot some beautiful, feminine, boudoir imagery. 

Woman in black and teal lingerie photographed by Vancouver Boudoir photographer Lux Portrait

You have such a positive body image when most women struggle with this, how did you get to this point?

Its a daily struggle still and it has taken me years to get where I am today.  When I was younger, I was teased for being a bigger girl, was put on my first diet at 12 and subsequently developed an eating disorder in my teens and early 20’s.  It came to a point, where I wasn’t eating all day, and I was becoming very unhealthy.  I soon decided that food was far to big a part of my life to go without it.  Not only does it nourish me, but I love the craft of cooking, creating meals, and sharing food with my loved ones around a dining table.  Life is too short not to take part in what you enjoy!  I started my journey of self love around when I started modeling at 19.  Doing photo shoots and getting the photos back and seeing the reaction I got from my friends and followers online really helped me realize that I am more than just simply what I look like.  My worth is not determined by how much I weigh or what dress size I wear.  I want to live a life of joy and happiness.  Constantly hating myself and the body that I was born with was not conducive to the life I wanted.  So I started looking for joy in my day to day life.  In the people I surrounded myself with, what I wore (Screw fashion “rules”…I wore what I wanted and what I felt good in, instead of what society told me I “should” wear), I started eating intuitively and using my body for joyful movement, instead of only eating what was absolutely necessary (or eating with the intention to lose weight) and going to the gym to “change” myself or because I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror.   I changed my inner dialogue, and when I would catch myself speaking to myself negatively, I would cut myself off and love bombed myself.  I reminded myself of all the amazing things about me that had NOTHING to do with the way I looked.  I loved my laugh, how I can make any baby smile, how I could move my body and how my body took care of me.  I would remind myself that the life I live is meant to make ME happy, and other peoples happiness is not my responsibility.  Slowly, my body image started to change, and I started to look at things like “belly rolls” as a reminder of that amazing italian dinner I ate with my friends last week, instead of instantly hating on myself.  When I saw cellulite or dimples in the mirror, instead of being negative, I reminded myself that literally EVERYONE has it as well. Perfection does not exist and everyone has things about themselves we don’t like, and that’s ok…but what is not ok is when that’s all we focus on, and in turn, end up thinking badly about ourselves.  Basically, if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend or daughter, don’t say it to yourself.  My body image will never be 100% flawless.  It is a day to day journey that I still struggle with, and will continue to…but every day I try to show myself a little more love than the day before.

What advice do you have for women to learn to love the skin they are in? 

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t where you want to be right now, but also remember all the amazing things about you.  You have legs to walk and run.  You have food in your belly and a roof over your head.  You have people that love you, but most importantly, you are making an effort every day to show YOURSELF love.  Your body loves you so much…it literally keeps you breathing when you are asleep…heals wounds and fights infection…its time to start loving it back.  I promise, if you show your body the same love it shows you…you will grow an unbreakable bond with yourself that no one can take away from you.

Tell us about your experience with Lux? 

I absolutely love working with the lux ladies. Not only is the space itself stunning and welcoming, but the ladies are fabulous to work with.  It felt like a day hanging out with my girlfriends.  My hair and makeup was flawless, we shot a wide variety of looks and had so much fun doing it.  I adore the photos and cannot wait to do another shoot with you ladies soon!

woman standing in front of mirror with lingerie photographed by vancouver boudoir photographer Lux Portrait

Favorite woman role model? 

Ashley Graham is such an amazing force to be reckoned with.  She has smashed barriers and done so much with her career, that she constantly inspires me to do more and aim higher in my career.  My grandmother was also a huge role model for me.  Not only was she also a model, but she was always unapologetically herself and was always so confident in everything she did.  I miss her every day and wish she could see me now. 

Makeup and Hair by Lindsay MacLean Makeup

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