How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session Without Breaking the Bank

We want you to be prepared for your boudoir photo shoot and that doesn’t mean scouring Pinterest necessarily for photos you want to replicate. Put a little trust in your photographer that she will come up with beautiful shots that flatter your body type and assets. So, what are some of the MOST important things you can do before your boudoir portrait session to prepare for the big day?

1. Get a good nights sleep and stay hydrated! It’s very important to be well rested so you don’t have bags under your eyes. Staying hydrated the day before your shoot means your skin will glow naturally and your eyes will look big and bright.

Lux Boudoir_161

2. Try on your outfits! This is important because many of us have very sexy lingerie that’s been sitting in our drawers and may not be the best fit any more. It’s a great idea to try on some of your favourite pieces before you come in, that way if things aren’t fitting the way they used to you have plenty of opportunity to go shopping!

Miss L_270

3. Go shopping. This doesn’t mean you should break the bank on lots of new pieces, but it’s fun to shop for your shoot and rock some brand new lace! If you’ve booked your shoot with a special someone in mind, it’s always a nice surprise for them to see something they’ve never seen before in your shots. Plus, wearing brand new lingerie will make you feel like a  model!

lux portrait- boudoir vancouver-4044

If you have any questions about your upcoming shoot, or want to chat more about how to prepare please contact us!

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