Miss A -Fierce Friday Boudoir Testimonial

We had the pleasure of photographing this lovely at the beginning of the summer. We had so much fun, I love it when clients come in and say they are not photogenic and then BAM they rock their photoshoot! Miss A is a total babe and the sweetest girl ever. She is getting married and wanted to celebrate this time in her life with some sexy images to give to her husband to be.

See what she had to say about her session with us…




























“When I first booked my boudoir shoot with Lux, I was super nervous. I had never done anything like this before and have never had a ton of confidence in my physical appearance. I am naturally awkward and was worried that it would come through and ruin my photos. On the drive to my photoshoot I even contemplated turning around and driving back home! I was just that nervous. When I walked into the studio, Kari and her makeup artist, Kim, were warm and welcoming. They chatted with me and made me feel at ease. After getting my makeup and hair done I felt beautiful! I was still feeling a bit nervous but as soon as Kari put me in front of the camera that all went away. She made it fun! I never thought I would say that my boudoir photoshoot was fun.. but it was! The photos turned out beautifully and my fiance was blown away with his album and framed photo. Sending a huge thanks to the Lux girls! I highly recommend Lux and the whole boudoir experience with them. They are fun, patient and make you realize how beautiful you really are. What a confidence boost!”

Kim_289luxportrait-boudoir vancouver
It was a total blast spending time with this babe, I am so happy she loves her boudoir images and that her fiance was the receiver of such amazing images.
xo Kari and the Lux team

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