Why you should do something courageous!

Hello lovelies,

I get to meet a lot of women doing boudoir photography and one of the first questions I will ask is “Are you excited for your shoot?”. Nine out of ten responses is something along the lines of “Yes… but soooo nervous!”

I have actually come to expect this answer and I usually give them a big smile and say that it’s normal to feel that way. Such an honest response makes me feel so excited for our clients because even though they are INCREDIBLY out of their comfort zone, they still show up. I love that!!

It’s so empowering to do something courageous, like boudoir. It keeps life from getting stale and mundane. By doing something courageous, you’re challenging the idea you have of yourself and then growing as a person because you elevated the bar. You’re a different person from yourself five years ago because of your EXPERIENCES, not your hair colour or your wardrobe.

Imagine you’re writing a book about your life. Would anyone want to read this novel?

I think the answer will be “damn right they would!” if you continue to challenge yourself and break out of those boring and easy comfort zones. You only get one life so you better fill up that novel with adventures, little or big. Don’t let it get stale.

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