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We have been seeing quite a few ladies lately that are coming to us for Bridal Boudoir sessions. What better gift to give a groom then a beautiful album of his new bride in her lingerie. I don’t know any groom that wouldn’t think that was the best gift ever!

The very lovely Miss P came to us a few months ago in preparation for her big day. She was a bit shy and very nervous, she had told me that she struggled with body confidence and this was her way to break out of that shell and embrace her feminine curves. She was so happy with her images she sent us a very heartfelt testimonial. Here is what she had to say:

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – I can’t say it enough, Kari. I owe so much to you that I just won’t be able to put into words.
My decision to do a boudoir shoot came after several years of deliberation and absolute terror. The thought of having photos of me in my underwear taken by a stranger petrified me – especially as somewhat of a bigger girl.
But I decided after losing 30 pounds and getting engaged that now was the time. I would be brave and show up for my photo shoot, even though I felt sick to my stomach with fear. I decided to do this for my fiancé – I wanted to give him something spectacular as a wedding gift, and this is it.
The day of the shoot came, and once I entered your beautiful studio, I started to relax a bit.  After I was beautified by Sara, I almost felt ready to have the photos taken. She made me look amazing, and I felt good about myself. Within the first two shots, I relaxed, and before you knew it, I was actually having fun. It was such a great experience for me. The first photo I saw of the ones you took of me took my breath away, and I immediately started to cry. Not because it was bad, but because the photo showed a normal sized woman looking really great. I realized that was me – and it was nothing even close to what I thought I looked like,  especially after years of having serious body image issues. Kari was kind enough to offer me a payment plan over the course of about 2 months, but I just couldn’t wait for the photos and put money aside to pay earlier to get them rather than waiting. I needed those photos!
What I ended getting out of this experience is absolutely priceless. I realize this is a gift for my fiancé, but I now realize how much they really were a gift to myself . Thank you, Kari. You have done wonders for my self esteem and helped me shake off years of body image problems. Thank you for changing how I feel about myself for the better. I will be back one day….hopefully for a maternity shoot!”
Miss P.

She is a truly stunning individual both inside and out!

Whether you’re a bride or not, every woman should experience a boudoir session at least once in their lifetime.

Book your boudoir session with us here at Lux Portraits and let us celebrate your beauty!


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