Why are you afraid of boudoir?

Boudoir photography forces us to push our body issues aside and embrace every curve, wrinkle and stretch mark. So many women are apprehensive about doing boudoir because they think they aren’t fit enough, busty enough, thin enough, tanned enough, sexy enough… the list goes on! This isn’t surprising considering the state of the media and the images of women being pushed in front of our eyes consistently throughout our daily lives. But that needs to change.

What boudoir allows is for YOU to be the model. Boudoir is so special because it is real women in front of the camera, with nothing but their insecurities holding them back from becoming the sexy vixen they are. I understand being nervous before a shoot because it’s so completely out of the normal daily routine to get half naked in front of a camera, but that’s what makes it so liberating.

Trashy magazines and television shows have taught us it’s OK to judge other women but it’s so NOT. We have become increasingly afraid to be exposed and vulnerable but it’s not really our fault. Boudoir forces us to confront those fears. If you’re afraid to do a shoot keep in mind that every woman feels that same way. I can’t think of a safer place than the boudoir studio!

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Are you ready to conquer your fears? We promise, you will not regret it!

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