Women We Love: Jen Higgins

Every woman that walks through our doors has a story. We are so honored to listen to the stories, as they help shape the woman who comes to stand before our cameras. We wanted to introduce you to one such wonderful woman and warrior. So grab a cup of coffee and a seat as we sit down with Jen Higgins. 

Jenn Higgins – Body Builder

Hi, I’m Jen Higgins and I’m excited to share my story. Think goal lists are BS?… a lot of people rush to the finish line, cut corners, or when their goal seems too far out of reach or they’re not seeing results quick enough (particularly in fitness) they give up. My recommendation is starting a small goal or reward list to keep you on track. Having those little self-care rewards instill a positive reinforcement to your body and mindset sending the message of hope and renewal, and that all the hard work was totally worth it. 

jen higgins

Any goal is super hard to achieve, sometimes taking years to do so. But I have always been dedicated to fitness and my well-being and to always work on parts of my soul through shadow work. Receiving little gifts from the universe has reassured me that I am aligning to my higher purpose, and even something so simple as an Instagram giveaway win has me reflecting on my entire journey and how powerful visualization and manifesting can truly be in accomplishing all of your hopes and dreams.

Here’s my story:

I’ve been on my fitness journey for 10 years now. When I first moved to Ottawa 10 years ago, my best gal pal Daryl and I created a goal list of “treats” we wanted to give ourselves once we reached certain benchmarks in our weight loss journey 

…One was a massage another was treating ourselves to a dinner out, another was a trip to the spa and on the top of the list was a “boudoir photoshoot”.

jen higgins

Time flew by/ life happened, I sort of forgot about that list. I ended up moving to Vancouver and my fitness journey evolved so much over this time; from CrossFit to Strongman competitions, to bodybuilding and now more recently just LIVING and having a normal routine that just focuses on health and mindfulness.  If there was ever a smack in the booty from the universe that I am on the right path, and the universe has my back and bringing me my rewards, well it came to me just recently. 

Jen Higgins – Boudoir Shoot

One day I was scrolling Instagram and found Lux Portraiture’s page. I just finished my last show about 2 months prior and thought OH HECK YES- let’s scratch this off the bucket list! 

At that time, I was happy I booked the session but as the day came closer, I was feeling the feels…I have to admit, it’s tough as a bodybuilder to feel truly comfortable at every stage your body goes through. Your mind plays tricks on you…especially after a show when you’re trying to balance out and appreciate each phase your body is going through. I have always struggled personally to appreciate and love my curves. When I first arrived at Lux, I was completely upfront with the girls. Letting them know how scared I was because I never really imagined myself as sexy. Even typing the word now, I cringe 😜. TBH I have a lot of confidence, and some to spare but feeling sexy just doesn’t compute with me. 

jen higgins black and white image

The ladies in the studio, Sierra and Lindsay instantly made me feel at home and comfortable, letting me know that softness and curves really transfer well over into the camera. They reassured me of my beauty and started doing my make-up and encouraging me. The photographer helped me with posing my body in different ways and it really helped me appreciate its softness. I started really getting into it, feeling a whole new thrill in making art and moving through my sensuality- nothing like I had ever experienced before. I felt like an absolute queen the whole time I was in Lux Studios and felt sexy and beautiful. Feelings that I tend to struggle with when I am post-show and trying to find my balance in the world.

After my shoot was done, I felt on top of the world. Not long after I was called in to view my pictures. Just the weekend prior, I was in a traumatizing car accident, so being in the room and watching MY slide show of my beautiful photos come to life made me so grateful and appreciate every little moment I still have on this earth.

Trust me when I say that you can’t buy just ONE photo at LUX LOL. There is something so beautiful and magical about the photos and everything in their edits just brought out a rooted sexiness I had inside of me all along. 

My experience at LUX is more than just showing off my body for the gram, it is an expression, an art form. It is a showing of confidence and happiness in the skin I was given, and proof that if you manifest it- your dreams will COME. 

Miracles are all around, and they are in the form of Lux Portrait!

Special thank you to Jen Higgins for sharing her story with our followers. We are grateful for your words and friendship. If Jen’s story inspired you and you are ready to book your own session, click HERE to start your journey. We look forward to capturing your spirit and your beauty.

Makeup and Hair by Lindsay MacLean Makeup

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